Thursday 9 April: Virtual Eurosession

Missing the Eurosession vibe? 
On our usual Eurosession evening on Thursday 9 April, there will be an opportunity for a virtually live, experimental Eurosession get together, even if we can’t all hold hands…

When: 8:30-10:30 pm
We’ll connect via Zoom, at,
Clue for the password: the most common Scandi dance we do

NB. If you plan to share a tune, please use a computer and not a phone/tablet, so you can access some important additional Zoom functionality.
Also Eurosession will not be recording this session. Please don’t share recordings without explicit permission from those involved.

Here’s the plan for marvellous musicians, delicious dancing, and a bit of chatting:

To switch views between one musician and all participants, see top right on your screen, or Please mute your audio when you are not speaking / playing, and use the Chat feature for background communication. There are also likely to be intermissions for general chat and catching up.

A few of our session regulars will be on hand to get the music going. One person (or device) will broadcast at any one time; wave your instrument when you want to play, or use the ‘raise your hand’ feature, and the lead musician can choose/nominate the next player. 
When you’ve been chosen to lead, select Original Sound (top left) when you want to play, and turn it off again for normal voice transmission. 
Mute your audio when you are not the lead musician and are just playing along at home. NB. If you think you know the genre of dance that you might be playing, tip the dancers off at the start of your tune – thanks! 

Get your dance shoes on; if you have a danceable space, book it for the evening, There may be some experimental attempts to dance the right genre of dance at the right time (albeit half a beat behind!). More important is to dance as though no-one is watching, or as though you can cheer up everyone else who is watching! Or turn your video off if you feel freer dancing in private.

Eurosession is an inclusive and caring space for all. Invite your co-space-sharing mates/family/teddy-bear along if appropriate ūüôā

Cancelled: Thursday March 12: Eurosession and workshop: musical communication

Sorry folks, we are cancelling tonight’s event to help people to stay well for longer in the current context.

All the best, Eurosesh xx

Note different venue and timings for March!

Venue: Crookes Social Club, S10 1TD
8pm:       Eurosession will open early for balfolk music offers and dance requests
9:30pm:  Workshop for both musicians and dancers
10pm-11pm: More Eurosession

So in our March get-together, you can settle in from 8pm for Eurosession tunes and dances. We’ll take a break at about 9:30pm for a workshop on musical communication involving both musicians and dancers, and then free up for more open Eurosesession after the workshop.

Communication between musicians and dancers
Illustration by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. Photo by Ben Reid.

The workshop will be led by experienced dancers and musicians within Sheffield Eurosession. The aim is to focus on the relationships between musicians and dancers through the medium of simple melodies.
We will explore our capacities as musicians and dancers to attune to others within the room, and to generate and respond to different feelings or impulses within the framework of a traditional dance tune and form.
This workshop is for both musicians and dancers – so grab your instruments and/or dance shoes and your curiosity, attention and playfulness for a journey beyond melodies and into musical communication. The workshop will use simple tunes and dances, and newcomers to balfolk are welcome to join either as musicians, dancers or both!

Contributions: £5 donation if you can afford it. Newcomers free. All welcome.

See you soon, Eurosesh xx  

Thursday 13 February: Portuguese workshop and Eurosession

Although the formalities of Brexit are fast unravelling the formal ties with our European allies, we can still come together to enjoy the wonderful dances from multiple European traditions.

For February, we’ve an exciting offer of Portuguese from Andr√© Dias,¬†so come on down for the¬†8pm¬†workshop to acquire a little sashay in your hips and a sparkle in your eye.

Image from

We’re planning to pack in the¬†Regadinho (a stylish mixer),¬†Repasseado (a lively mix of greeting and celebration), and¬†Mazurka Cabo Verdiana (which returned somewhat sassy from a lengthy trip¬†to¬†Cape Verde).¬† We’ll have music from the ever versatile Jo Veal on clarinet.

To be followed at 9pm by our usual open Eurossession of offers and requests.  
Normal¬†venue: Upstairs in Shakespeare’s.¬†
£5 if you can afford it. All welcome!

All the best, Eurosesh

Swedish Dance Workshop (Boda)

This January, we’ve¬†shifted¬†Eurosession¬†from our usual Thursday to next week (Thursday 16th) instead, so we can welcome the lovely¬†HesterandRolf Dahlstrom¬†from Stockhom for a¬†Scandinavian dance workshop.

Hester and Rolf have¬†many years’ experience¬†performing and teaching dancing and will be looking at a variety of traditional dances, particularly¬†Boda, in which a lifting musical style is used to create a¬†pendulum of balance¬†between the partners. ¬† Music will be provided by fantastic fiddle player¬†Nicky McConkey.

And instead of Shakespeares or Hagglers… just to¬†keep you on your toes…¬† we will now be in the lovely Sheffield Yoga School on South Rd in Walkley.
Please bring indoor shoes or danceable socks to wear so we can keep it nice and clean, and bring instruments for a session after the workshop. Magic.

4 January – New Year Bal with ‘Trois Pas D’Ici’

Sheffield Eurosession are delighted to welcome Trois Pas d’Ici – a great new trio of three young women from the south of France.

Booking form available here – reserve your place now

This young French trio play wonderful traditional music from Poitou in the south of France, as well as Auvergne and Sweden. With two driving fiddles and diatonic accordion, they produce some great dance music from their region of Poitou including the Congo, Avant-deux, Maraichine and Bal Limousine. But they also play standard balfolk dances such as bour√©es, mazurka, scottish, valse, etc. and some less known such as Rond d’argentons or Bour√©e 3 temps from the Morvan region. And to top it all they also sing in harmony for dancing ‚Äď a beautiful experience.

As they say ‚Äúhear our strings (vocal and steel), bellows, keys and bow.‚ÄĚ with Nina Lachia and Marie Peyrat both on violin and Lucile Marsac on diatonic accordion, as well as voices and bellows. Listen at:


4pm-5.30pm Poitou dance workshop £5

6pm-7.30pm join us at Blue Moon cafe for dinner

8pm-10.30pm bal (a mixture of balfolk and Poitou dance) £10/8

10.30pm onwards music session for all. Bring your instruments!