Monday 27 November: Siger Duo

Siger Duo Bal: 8pm – 10pm (doors 7:30pm)
Venue: Shakespeare’s Pub ~ S3 8UB
Tickets: Promotix or on the door £8 | £11 | £15
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Known for their innovative instrumental compositions rooted in Flemish traditional music, siblings Ward & Hartwin Dhoore have been roaming international stages together for over 15 years. They have been the oiled engine behind award-winning bands & projects such as Trio Dhoore, Estbel and The Flemish Folk Caravan, just to name a few. For those with long Eurosession memories we’ve already enjoyed Ward Dhoore playing as part of Snaarmaarwaar in January 2018, so we know it’ll be a great night.

We are very excited to have them play for this special event in Sheffield as part of their UK tour. Read more about them at, and we look forward to a lovely night on 27th; don’t miss this opportunity to dance/listen to their fantastic music!

Thursday 9 November: Eurosession and a minuet dance workshop

The evenings are suddenly seeming long and dark, so following on from last month’s excellent bakmes workshop, in November, Eurosession again invites you to follow us north and flex into some less familiar Scandinavian territory, this time with the Swedish Minuet.

After the workshop we’ll continue with our usual Eurosession of offers and requests with dances from Brittany, France and further afield.

Dance workshop: 8pm – 9pm
 Eurosession: 9pm – 11pm
                 Venue: Shakespeare’s Pub ~ S3 8UB

Anton Schneider & Anna Öberg dancing Swedish folk minuet.

About the workshop

With this workshop we hope to introduce the Swedish folk minuet into our Eurosession repertoire. This is a dance that began to sweep across France in the 17th century, and remained popular in parts of Finland until well into the 20th century.

It’s a hypnotic dance that can flex between a stately elegance and a more dynamic lilt. Furthermore whilst it’s essentially a couple dance, it’s even more compelling when danced in coordination with more than one couple.

If you’re interested to acquiring the gently lilting stride of a Scandinavian dancer, improving your balance, and playing with non-verbal communication with a partner, then come and join us.

The workshop is brought to you by Susannah Diamond (dance teacher) and Emily Bowden (fiddler). Wear comfortable shoes that can turn easily.  No need to bring a partner!

For some demonstrations of the minuet, see the following links:

Caring for others
Eurosession is a welcoming community and we want everyone to feel safe.  Please stay home if you feel unwell.

We suggest a £5 donation for the workshop, although any extra helps us to keep Eurosession inclusive and offer fair rates to teachers and musicians. We accept cash on the day, or via PayPal (see our donations page).

Save the date
Plus, please make a note in your diary for an extra Eurosession event on Monday 27 November; a bal with the rather marvellous Siger (Hartwin & Ward Dhoore)

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh