Thursday 9th March: leading and following dance workshop and Eurosession

How do we communicate on the dance floor?

The days are still chilly and damp, but we invite you to join us for another lovely evening with Eurosession. In our March workshop, Emily Bowden will encourage dancers to develop skills in listening, connection and balance. After the workshop we’ll continue with our usual combination of dance tune offers and requests. Bring comfortable shoes that turn easily, and/or instruments if you want to play later on in the session.

Dance workshop – 8pm – 9pm
         Eurosession: 9pm – 11pm
     Venue: Shakespeare’s Pub ~ S3 8UB
Zoom changes: Check below for new details

About the workshop

Rather than learning steps, in this workshop we’ll be doing some gentle exercises exploring themes of listening, connection and balance in couple dancing. We’ll also explore in more depth the roles of “leader” and “follower”. Some knowledge of dances such as the “scottishe” and “mazurka” would be helpful but not essential.

Emily Bowden has taught dance workshops for several groups including London Balfolk, Reading Balfolk, Balfolk Oxford and Sheffield Eurosession as well as private lessons in couple dancing. She is also a musician specialising in Balfolk dance music with her band Emily & The Simons. Clarinettist Jo Veal will be playing for this workshop.

Keep on caring!
Eurosession is a welcoming community and we want everyone to feel safe.  Please stay home if you feel unwell.

We suggest a £5 cash donation for the workshop, although if you give more then we can better support our teachers and musicians with fair payment.

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh