Thursday 12th: Mazurkas in May, followed by Eurosession

M is for Mazurkas! And other marvellous dances 😉

Photo by Ben Reid from Skint 2021

In May we are revisiting the Mazurka, a pearl of balfolk couple dances. With music from Jo Veal, Anna Pack, and teaching by Susannah Diamond, the workshop will be both an intro to mazurka for recent newcomers, and provide tips around connection and style for more experienced dancers.

We’ll continue from the workshop to our usual eclectic Eurosession. We had an extra Eurosession in April, so May has come around rather quickly, but we look forward to another cracking night on the 12th.

Dance workshop: 8pm – 9pm BST / UTC+1
         Eurosession: 9pm – 11pm BST / UTC+1
                 Venue: Shakespeare’s Pub ~ S3 8UB
Zoom: See below for details

Keep on caring!
Eurosession is a welcoming community and we want everyone to feel safe.  As dancing can involve being in close proximity to others, please stay home if you feel unwell or have tested positive for Covid-19.

About the workshop:

The mazurka is a favourite and satisfying couple dance, adaptable to many styles of music, from brashly energetic through to languidly intimate, some of them coexisting on the same dancefloor… as shown in this video with Naragonia.

The dance swept from Poland into France in the 1830s, and was later influenced by ballroom and blues. In the workshop we’ll explain the basic structure of the mazurka and highlight how to achieve some of the different springing, swirling, and swaying possibilities. Along the way we hope you’ll pick up some tips for achieving a satisfying connection with your dance partner, and an understated stylishness.

Bring comfortable shoes that turn easily, and/or instruments if you want to play later on in the session.

We suggest a £5 cash donation for the workshop, although if you give more then we can better support our teachers and musicians with fair payment.

We’ll stream from Shakespeare’s as usual. Zoom details can be obtained via our donations page.

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh