4 January – New Year Bal with ‘Trois Pas D’Ici’

Sheffield Eurosession are delighted to welcome Trois Pas d’Ici – a great new trio of three young women from the south of France.

Booking form available here – reserve your place now

This young French trio play wonderful traditional music from Poitou in the south of France, as well as Auvergne and Sweden. With two driving fiddles and diatonic accordion, they produce some great dance music from their region of Poitou including the Congo, Avant-deux, Maraichine and Bal Limousine. But they also play standard balfolk dances such as bourées, mazurka, scottish, valse, etc. and some less known such as Rond d’argentons or Bourée 3 temps from the Morvan region. And to top it all they also sing in harmony for dancing – a beautiful experience.

As they say “hear our strings (vocal and steel), bellows, keys and bow.” with Nina Lachia and Marie Peyrat both on violin and Lucile Marsac on diatonic accordion, as well as voices and bellows. Listen at: https://soundcloud.com/3pdchttps://fr-fr.facebook.com/3PasdIci/


4pm-5.30pm Poitou dance workshop £5

6pm-7.30pm join us at Blue Moon cafe for dinner https://www.bluemooncafesheffield.com/

8pm-10.30pm bal (a mixture of balfolk and Poitou dance) £10/8

10.30pm onwards music session for all. Bring your instruments!

Thursday 12 December: Polska Polishing and Eurosession

Yes, it’s election day; so go and cast your vote, and then come dance the tension away whilst awaiting the outcome.

In the darkness of December we’re turning to Nordic inspiration, where musicians have created haunting music through the long dark nights of winter, yielding a characteristic pulse for communities to come together and dance

Megan Hatto has offered to share some of her expertise in dance to unlock some of the mysteries of the polska, whilst Jamie Huddlestone has offered to play for the workshop, and so this dream-team will share some of the polska magic with your soul. Whether you are already a svictaholic or completely new to polska, the workshop will improve your capacity to respond to a musical lilt, and develop a more relaxed turning technique with a partner. 

Megan Hatto studied traditional dance in Sweden and contemporary dance in London, and is experienced both as a performer and as a dance teacher.
Jamie Huddlestone is a multi-instrumentalist with a keen interest in Scandinavian music. Expect hypnotic complexity and skilful playing.

8pm: Dance workshop – bring shoes that slide and turn easily.  Partners not required – we change partners to help everyone get up to speed.
9pm: The Eurosession commences for offers and requests.
Venue: Upstairs in Shakespeares, Gibraltar St, S3 8UA.

All the best, xx Eurosesh