Thursday 9 July, Virtual Eurosession and Music Workshop with Emily Bowden


Ready for another virtual Eurosession?

On Thursday 9 July, you have another chance to join our virtually mediated, Eurosession get-together.   The basic plan is the same as last time, but this time we’ll have a music workshop taught by the wonderful Emily Bowden.

Times: 8:00-9:00pm Music workshop;  9:00-10:30 pm Open session. 

Venue:  Zoom

8:00 – 9:00pm Music workshop  
9:00 – 10:30 pm Open session. 

Important: If you plan to share a tune, please use a computer and not a phone/tablet, and check out how to turn on the Original Sound feature in your Zoom settings before the session.

NB. This event is free, but if you enjoy the evening, and can afford to do so, please donate to Age UK’s Coronavirus emergency appeal:

About the workshop:

Emily is a musician, composer and teacher from London. She began her musical life as a classical violinist, and fell in love with folk music and improvisation in her early twenties. Her compositions have become core repertoire for the Anglo-Belgian Balfolk Trio, ‘Emily and the Simons‘. 
In this workshop, Emily will teach one or two of her wonderful tunes, with tips about working with other musicians to create a marvellous experience for dancers.  All are welcome, although confidence with your instrument and with learning by ear will be helpful.  Bring your hunger for playing, and come drink your fill!

The rest of the evening should provide the same experience as the two previous months’ – marvellous musicians, delicious dancing, and a bit of chatting:

To switch views between one musician and all participants, see top right on your screen, or Please mute your audio when you are not speaking / playing, and use the Chat feature for background communication. There are also likely to be intermissions for general chat and catching up.

A few of our session regulars will be on hand to get the music going. One person (or device) will broadcast at any one time; wave your instrument when you want to play, or use the ‘raise your hand’ feature, and the lead musician can choose/nominate the next player. 
When you’ve been chosen to lead, select Original Sound (top left) when you want to play, and turn it off again for normal voice transmission. 
NB. Mute your audio when you are not the lead musician and are just playing along at home. If you think you know the genre of dance that you might be playing, tip the dancers off at the start of your tune – thanks! 

Get your dance shoes on; if you have a danceable space, book it for the evening, There may be some experimental attempts to dance the right genre of dance at the right time (albeit half a beat behind!). More important is to dance as though no-one is watching, or as though you can cheer up everyone else who is watching! Or turn your video off if you feel freer dancing in private.

Eurosession is an inclusive and caring space for all.
Invite your co-space-sharing mates / family / teddy-bear along if appropriate 🙂

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh