Thursday 25 November: Online Eurosession Gathering

A bonus Eurosession for November to gather our extended online community again!

Image from Pixabay

Hello folks – it’s time to reconnect. This Eurosession is an opportunity to meet online to share tunes and dance at home. We’ll do our eco bit by participating from home, and help people stay safe by connecting at a distance. So check your time-zones, and polish up your favourite tunes or clear a space to dance, and join us online for another vibrant Zoomsession.

There won’t be a workshop on this occasion but a couple are in the pipeline for the new year.

Session times:
8:30 pm – 11:00 pm (UTC+1 / BST) – Eurosession 

Session access and donations:
If you made a note of our Zoom details in the past, you can continue to use those details. If you need a reminder, please email sheffield.eurosession at in good time before the session. We will ask for a £2 minimum payment as a precaution to help to keep our Zoom sessions secure.

More tips:
You’ll have the option to join and leave Zoom breakout rooms to move between the session, workshop, and the bar. See our quick guide if you get stuck.

If you plan to share a tune
It may sound better if you turn on the Original Sound feature when playing – please check out the Zoom Help about how to enable this this in your Zoom settings.

Tips for enjoying the evening

The rest of the evening should provide similar experiences as previous sessions – marvellous musicians, delicious dancing, and a bit of chatting. Here are tips for maximum enjoyment:

Zoom tips for Everyone:
Please mute your audio when you are not speaking / leading the music, and use the Chat feature for background communication.
To switch views between seeing one individual (Speaker View) and all participants (Gallery View), consult How-Do-I-Change-The-Video-Layout.
Head to the bar for a longer chat alongside the workshop or session; for help see our quick guide, or Zoom’s longer guide to Self-selecting a Breakout Room

Please play tunes for dancing, prioritising dances from the balfolk scene and other traditional genres from across Europe. [Preferably avoid English and Irish, because we have plenty of those in other local sessions!]
In the Zoom sessions, only one person (or device) can broadcast at any one time; use the chat to help create a a rolling running order of dance tune offers.
It generally sounds better if you turn on the Original Sound feature when playing – please check out the Zoom Help about how to enable this in your settings.
When you’ve been chosen to lead, let the dancers know what dance type you’ll be playing if you can. Then select Original Sound when you’re ready to play, and turn it off again for normal voice transmission.

Get your dance shoes on; if you have a danceable space, book it for the evening, You can attempt to dance the right genre of dance at the right time (albeit half a beat behind!), or dance whatever takes your fancy. More important is to dance as though no-one is watching, or as though you can cheer up everyone else who is watching!  It’s also fine to turn your video off if you feel freer dancing in private.

Eurosession is an inclusive and caring space for all.
Invite your co-space-sharing mates / family / teddy-bear along if appropriate 😉

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh

Thursday November 11th: Eurosession with a little Gavotte de l’Aven

Onwards and forwards!   For November, we’ll kick off the evening with a little workshop – some style tips for Gavotte de l’Aven, followed by our Eurosession with live music and dancing.

Key information:
Time: 8:00 – 11:00 pm 30 minute workshop followed by Eurosession
Venue: Shakespeares PubS3 8UB

After the lovely-ness of experiencing beautiful music, dancing and chatting in Shakey’s last month, we’re returning back to Shakespeare’s for November, and this time we’ll begin with a mini workshop. The Gavotte de l’Aven is a gentle non-partner swapping dance, and even those who know it well may learn a few new tips.

The dreamy atmosphere of a Gavotte de l’Aven

Taking precautions
Please ensure you have tested negative for a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the session (or are testing regularly), and respect other people’s preferences and personal space. We will open windows and the fire-escape, to maximise air flow in the room. The use of hand sanitizer and wearing of facemasks is still a courtesy when dancing or in confined spaces. Finally, if there are concerns about numbers in the room, we’ll encourage socialising in the courtyard. (Last month we were twenty or so people, a nice mix of dancers and musicians, old timers and new faces.)

Music and dancing:
We prioritise tunes for dances from the balfolk scene and other traditional genres from across Europe [avoiding English and Irish, because those are well represented in other sessions!]. Dancers are welcome to make dance requests, and experienced dancers are available to help newcomers to feel at home.

Eurosession is a caring space for all.
Friends and teddy-bears welcome.  However please stay home if you feel unwell or have been in recent contact others who were ill.

Looking to the future
For those who don’t feel able to join us in person, we aim for at least one online session/workshop before the end of the year. We’re also now planning for gigs in a larger venue.

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh