Thursday 13th June: Eurosession, plus Montagnarde workshop

We have an exciting workshop and gig forthcoming on 16th June, but we’ll meet as usual on the 13th June for Eurosession, with a dance workshop before the session, which includes an interesting combination of patient gentility, as well as some bursts of energy and vigour.

Bring comfy shoes that turn easily, and/or instruments if you want to play in the session – it’s a lovely evening in which you are free to play, sing, request dance tunes, chat, drink, and put the world to rights. 

Dance workshop: 8pm – 9pm
Eurosession: 9pm – 11pm
Venue: Shakespeare’s Pub ~ S3 8UB

About the workshop

Some dances are lined up in couples, whilst others are flamboyantly weaving between them.
La Montagnarde, folklore aveyronnais, Flavin 2011

The Montagnarde has affinities to the Auvergnat family of bourrees, but instead of being danced simply in couples, the Montagnarde is a community dance, combining a procession, and also bursts of swift travel whilst waving your arms in the air . Expect to improve your footwork for sideways travel, learn a little about about simple foot percussion, and raise your heart rate a touch. This workshop will be brought to you by Susannah Diamond (teacher) and Jo Veal (musician).

We suggest a £5 donation for the workshop, although any extra helps us to keep Eurosession inclusive and offer fair rates to teachers and musicians. We accept cash or transfers via PayPal (see our donations page).

Keep on caring!
Eurosession is a welcoming community and we want everyone to feel safe.  Please stay home if you feel unwell.

16th June workshops

Ps. Here’s more info about the pre Turbobal workshops on 16th June:

The really exciting workshop is in the afternoon and at St Andrew’s. Lucas Thebaut is not only a fab musician, he’s also a lovely dancer and teacher, and for this workshop is offering us 2 hours on dances from his local regions of Poitou and Limousin. Really recommend coming to town for this expert transmission, rather than travelling all the way to France for a similar authentic experience!

We are also offering a second free workshop just before the evening bal, to provide newcomers with a quick intro to the more commonly danced couple and social balfolk dances. This will also be provided by Eurosession regulars, Susannah Diamond (teacher) and Jo Veal (musician). Do flag it up to friends who may be interested in coming along, but aren’t confident about the idea of dancing balfolk, and then, of course, do come along yourself to help them learn more quickly.

Did we tell you already that the bal will be fab? Get your tickets now – on TicketStripe