Thursday 13 January: Music workshop with Eva Parmenter, followed by e-Eurosession

Beat the pandemic blues and lingering winter darkness with some Portuguese energy

As Covid stats are still stratospheric, we have decided to opt for an online gathering in January. Let’s see if we can shake off the pandemic blues and that dark winter feeling, and crank up our creativity to bring good cheer to those who may still be shielding for safety.

Plus we are just delighted to welcome Eva Parmenter, an outstanding musician from Portugal for a nourishing music workshop (see below). After the workshop we’ll continue on with our Eurosession for tunes, dancing and some friendly chat. So update your Zoom app, check your time-zones, tune up the instruments, or find your dance shoes, and join us online to share tunes and dance at home.

Workshop and session times:
8:00pm – 9:30 pm (GMT / UTC+0 ) – Workshop  
9:30 – 11:00 pm (GMT / UTC+0 ) – Eurosession

Zoom access:
If you made a note of our Zoom details in the past, you can continue to use those details. If you need a reminder, please email sheffield.eurosession at in good time.
We ask for a £2 minimum payment to help to keep our Zoom sessions secure, but if you enjoy our sessions and can donate £5 or £10, that will help us to give fair payment to our musicians and dance teachers. We’ll provide a donation option in the session.

About the workshop: 

Playing for dancing workshop with Eva Parmenter from Portugal

Eva Parmenter playing diatonic accordion on stage.

For this workshop Eva will revisit one of the Portuguese favourites such as the Regadinho, Erva Cidreira, Repasseado, or Viras, and perhaps teach another of her favourite dance tunes. Expect to learn how to create the pulse for the infectious lilting rhythms of these dances, as well as how to find variations to tease the dancers or to play in ensemble with others. All instruments welcome, provided you have some confidence with your instrument and can learn by ear.

Eva Parmenter is one of the most outstanding concert artists in Portugal. She finds new ways of using her traditional instrument, composing sound journeys that trancend boundaries, combining music from the past, present and future. Eva performs solo with diatonic accordion and voice, and also contributes to many other musical combinations such as the duo Parapente700, Vagaço Colectivo, Tugoslavic Orkestar and Baile das Histórias. See more at:

Tips for enjoying the evening

Zoom tips for Everyone:
Please mute when someone else is playing, and use the chat feature to communicate. For help see Zoom’s guides about video layout and breakout rooms, and our quick guide too.

Musicians on Zoom:
Instruments often sound better with the Original Sound feature – see the Zoom Help about enabling this. It’s also helpful to let dancers know what dance type you’ll be playing (if you know yourself!).

Dancing on Zoom:
Enjoy the challenge of identifying and recollecting the different genres and giving feedback to the musicians, or dance whatever you fancy with your video joyfully on or off according to preference.

Eurosession is an inclusive and caring space for all.
Invite your co-space-sharing mates / family / teddy-bear along if appropriate 😉

Please note:

Cancelled: Bal with Salmanazar, January 9th in Crookes Social Club
This has been cancelled due to the current wave of infections and precautions.

See you soon,
xx Eurosesh