Thursday 11th July, Eurosession and Scandinavian dance workshop

Heia!  Hope you had a fab time at Turbobal, and have enjoyed seeing the election results roll in.

On 11th July we’re back in Shakespeare’s for a regular Eurosession, with a dance workshop on the turning dances of central Sweden or the Norwegian border.

In the Eurosession, you can contribute dance tunes, or sing them, request your favourite dance, chat, drink, and take a break from politics for a bit.

Bring instruments if you want to play later in the session. For the workshop, ideally bring shoes with a smooth sole that can turn easily (and perhaps, supportive underwear!).

Dance workshop: 8pm – 9pm
Eurosession: 9pm – 11pm
Venue: Shakespeare’s Pub ~ S3 8UB

About the workshop

Getting into the Scandi groove at Skint 2022 (Credits: Luc Rocher and Rawpixel)

Depending on interests of participants we will either focus on more well known Swedish polskas, or head towards the Norwegian border for the Polsdans from Finnskogen. Swedish polskor cover a range of styles from elegaic to elastic, whilst the Finnskog brings a driving rhythm to the party. 

The workshop should help you to develop your turning technique with a partner, and to understand how to respond appropriately to different styles of the three-beat music. You don’t need to bring a partner or have previous experience, but smooth soled shoes are helpful, and some may prefer a supportive sports bra for the full Finnskog experience!

This workshop is brought to you by Anna Pack (musician) and Susannah Diamond (dance teacher).

We suggest £5 for the workshop, although any extra helps us to keep Eurosession inclusive and offer fair rates to teachers and musicians. We accept cash or PayPal transfers (see our donations page).

Keep on caring!
We welcome diversity in our community, and encourage attention for everyone’s well-being.

Sees snart!  [See you soon!]  x Eurosesh