Thursday 18 April: The Catalans are coming!

Eurosession is excited to be hosting 2 members of Julivert for a packed evening on Thursday 18th April. Julivert are a lively traditional Catalan band. Our 2 guest musicians are Jordi Suñé (vocals and guitar) and Gerard Torres (diatonic accordion and vocals), with the addition of Anna who will help with teaching the dances.

7pm – 8pm: Dance workshop 
This will include a range of dances such as a gentle bal pla promenade, an iconic sardana circle, and a more energetic jota.  These dances all provide a sense of shared community and enjoyment, and, in combination, are a great way to develop graceful poisenimble footwork, and a charismatic confidence.  Bring well-sprung shoes and plenty of laughter.

8.15pm – 9.15pm: Music workshop 
This will focus on how to transmit  dance rhythm in a Catalan tune, with harmonic accompaniment; this requires both energy and precision from the musicians.  All instruments welcome; Gerard plays a diatonic G/C but will accommodate D/G melodeons!

Later in the evening from 9.15pm we’ll move to an open Eurosession format for offerings and requests, interspersed with some further songs and dances from our Catalan guests.             

Usual request of £5 donation, around £7-10 if you participate in both workshops.  If you’re skint, whatever you can afford, your company and participation is the most important.

NB. Because we are so keen to catch the Catalans on their travels, we are postponing our April Eurosession; we’ll be upstairs in Shakespeare’s pub one week later than usual. 

Soveuen amics – come on friends, let’s festa!    xx Eurosesh

About Eurosession

Sheffield Eurosession is open to all. Anyone who wants to play can lead a tune or join in at their own level and the musicians are always happy to take requests for dances. The session is run by a small group of volunteers. If you’d like to offer help or make suggestions, please do so! Sheffield Eurosession is aligned with both traditional and balfolk styles and we are willing to explore any kind of dance originating within Europe, without being too fussy about how to define this. Sessions so far have been influenced by Breton, French, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Klezmer, Basque and Bulgarian traditions.

Sessions are normally monthly, starting at 8pm if there’s a themed pre-session workshop, or 8:30pm if not, and the evenings continue to 11pm and beyond.
(Note that there is normally a pre-booked musician for the workshop).
We also hold extra occasional gigs with bands and teachers from other places. Here are the next few dates:

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Friday 15 January
Music workshop with Naragonia, followed by Eurosession (via Zoom)

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