About Eurosession

Sheffield Eurosession is open to all.  Anyone who wants to play can lead a tune or join in at their own level and the musicians are always happy to take requests for dances. The session is run by a small group of volunteers. If you’d like to offer help or make suggestions, please do so!  Sheffield Eurosession is aligned with both traditional and balfolk styles and we are willing explore \any kind of dance originating within Europe, without being too fussy about how to define this. Sessions so far have been influenced by Breton, French, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Klezmer, Basque and Bulgarian traditions.

Sessions are normally monthly, starting at 8pm if there’s a themed pre-session workshop, or 8:30pm if not, and the evenings continue to 11pm and beyond.
(Note that there is normally a pre-booked musician for the workshop).
We also hold extra occasional gigs with bands and teachers from other places. Here are the next few dates coming up after our summer break

Thursday Jan 10 2019 – Pols Workshop and Eurosession
Thursday 14 February:  Waltz workshop and Eurosession
Thursday 14 March: Music improvisation workshop and Eurosession
Wednesday 20 March: Duo Macke Bornauw
Friday 22 March: – Spring Bal – Emily and the Simons

Contact & List

For more information or to be added to our email list, contact sheffield.eurosession at gmail.com.
Our Facebook page also sometimes has more recent updates immediately before events.

Eurosession Extra! Duo Macke Bornauw

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Sheffield Eurosession  are very happy to welcome the Flemish-French Duo Macke Bornauw for a fabulous evening of Baroque music (music workshop and concert) in Sheffield’s historic Bishops House.

The duo comprises Birgit Bornauw on French baroque bagpipe and Flemish bagpipe, and Benjamin Macke on diatonic accordion and footbass.
Listen at: www.macke-bornauw.com/baroque.
Benjamin also plays in Shillelagh balfolk group, and the duo play for silent cinema in Muzikacine 

“Birgit and Benjamin are both highly accomplished folk musicians… inspired by traditional music, interpreting Baroque music in an uninhibited, imagined, reinvented way.”

6.30pm-7.30pm Baroque music workshop open to all musicians (£6/8/10 pay what you can afford)

7.30pm-8.15pm Shared meal for workshop participants (please bring something to share if you wish to participate)

8.30pm-9.45pm Concert (£8/10/12 pay what you can afford)

Joint ticket for workshop and concert £15

If you are skint, free ticket available for helping out on the night.

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Emily and the Simons Workshops and Bal – Friday 22nd March

A lovely evening with a dance workshop to get everyone setup nicely prior to the bal itself, and finishing with an open session.

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Emily & the Simons are an Anglo-Belgian Balfolk trio. They met in England’s Peak District, at the folk festival “Skint” and began to perform together professionally soon after. Their music is centred around Emily’s compositions, drawing inspiration from life’s encounters and the energy of the dance-floor.

Their style is highly expressive and improvisatory, full of passion, tenderness and playfulness. With a wide repertoire ranging from exquisite, sensual mazurkas to joyful, driving bourrées, their music transports the imagination, stirs the feet and uplifts the spirit.

They are:

  • Emily Bowden – UK (fiddle)
  • Simon Dumpleton – UK (chromatic accordion)
  • Simon Laffineur – Belgium (guitar)

Listen & find out more at…

Venue: Shakespeares Pub. 146-148 Gibraltar Street, Sheffield S3 8UB. The pub has a great selection of beers at surprisingly good prices (also hot drinks etc); there’s also a chippie (opposite) or Indian restaurant (a few doors down).

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Thursday 14 February: Eurosession and Waltz workshop

For our light-hearted Valentine’s session we revisit the most romantic of dances; the waltz. 

We might start gently with some exotic-time dances, and see how many different ways we can count to 5 or 8, and then whisk back to more conventional waltzes of various flavours for tips on bringing out the magic of the dance.
Come as you are.  All genders welcome.  Partner swapping encouraged.  Roses optional.  Happiness reasonably likely.

8pm:  Workshop in Shakespeare’s upstairs room.
9pm: Open Eurosession for offers and requests
All welcome. £5 donation suggested.

Salmanazar Workshops and Bal – Sunday 6th January 2019

A wonderful warming afternoon and evening of music workshop, dance bal, beginners dance workshop, session and… curry !

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Salmanazar are an exciting collaboration between three highly experienced and talented musicians all the way from Alsace:

  • Cédric Martin: diatonic accordion (Duo Expire, Big Jeans)
  • Philippe Laussine: electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy
  • Sébastien Benoit: bagpipes and whistles

Based around the dance rhythms of Western Europe, in particular Central France, their repertoire weaves between traditional melodies and innovative compositions. Their music is gutsy, vibrant and highly danceable: you won’t be able to sit still!

Listen at…

Venue: Shakespeares Pub. 146-148 Gibraltar Street, Sheffield S3 8UB. The pub has a great selection of beers at surprisingly good prices (also hot drinks etc)

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Thursday 13 December: Eurosession and Sbrando Workshop

Thursday 13 December: Eurosession and Sbrando Workshop

Inspired by Eurosession’s semi-resident Italian, Martina, we revisit a crazy Italian dance: if you can triumph in the challenges of keeping your balance whilst dramatically changing your body angle, and tune your ear to listen for the changes in direction and style of the dance, then you’ll be rewarded with the joy of achieving communal success!  Expect a certain amount of chaos or uncertainty along the way; isn’t everything more fun when it goes wrong?!  And if you’re in the mood, bring festive treats to share.