About Eurosession

Sheffield Eurosession is open to all. Anyone who wants to play can lead a tune or join in at their own level and the musicians are always happy to take requests for dances. The session is run by a small group of volunteers. If you’d like to offer help or make suggestions, please do so! Sheffield Eurosessioners are willing explore any kind of dance originating within Europe, without being too fussy about how to define this. Sessions so far have been influenced by Breton, French, Scandinavian, Klezmer, Basque and Bulgarian traditions.

Sessions are normally monthly, starting at 8pm if there’s a themed pre-session workshop, or 8:30pm if not, and the evenings continue to 11pm and beyond.  We also hold extra occasional gigs with bands and teachers from other places. Here are the next few dates coming up:

Thursday 3 March: Bal Limousine
Thursday 12 April:  Spring is waltzing
Thursday 10 May

Contact & List

For more information or to be added to our email list, contact sheffield.eurosession at gmail.com.
Our Facebook page also sometimes has more recent updates immediately before events.

12 April – Spring is waltzing…

Spring’s finally on its way, and we bring you a waltz workshop to add some extra joy 

April’s workshop will give us a chance to polish up the waltz. We’ll begin with the basics, try out different styles of waltz from a few regions and countries, and extend into the mysteries of 5 time waltzes, depending on the requests and experience from those present. 
NB. If you are already familiar with whirling in a waltz kind of way, you can probably still pick up tipsand variations to help improve the experience for you or your partner, and you’ll be welcome to come and help those just finding their feet.
Bring smooth soled dance shoes and an open mind, and we’ll supply a dance partner.  Don’t forget an instrument if you want to play later. 
And for the musicians, here are some French and Swedish tunes to take inspiration from (NB. The page seems slow to load…be patient..!)
Venue:  Shakespeare’s upstairs room. Workshop at 8pm, leading to open session at 9pm.  Donations requested.  All welcome.  
PS.  Date for your diaries:  16 September 2018:  Workshops and Bal: Naragonia ! ! 

Thursday 8 March 2018: Bal Limousine

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8am Workshop: To warm us up and shake the last of the snow from our feet, we bring to you the Bal LImousine, a fine and fun circle+bourree mashup. It’s from the Poitou region of France, and is related to the three-time bourrees of the region, developing nimble footworkcool head, and an energising intent.  The energy is infectious, and celebrations may spontaneously arise!.
See links below for examples of the dance and music:
Workshop with Trio Guerbigny
Dancing in the streets
Sheet music and ABC notation
9am: Open Session:  Bring instruments and dance requests, and settle in with a favourite drink from Shakespeares’ fine bar.  We shall continue with dances peaceful and intimate, or wild and crazy, as the mood takes us.  Come one and all, let’s be merry!
All welcome, donations requested.  Venue: Upstairs room in Shakespeares, Gibraltar St.
See you soon!!    x Eurosesh

14 Jan 2018 special event: Snaarmaarwaar workshops and bal

Snaarmaarwaar describe themselves a Powerfolk trio.  (See their bio page) With great reviews from fRoots, Dirty Linen and Living Tradition, we are delighted to welcome them back to Sheffield for afternoon workshops and an evening bal.

About the Ensemble Workshop:
Fasten your seatbelts for an ensemble workshop with the guys from Snaarmaarwaar! They are happy to teach some of the melodies from their repertoire. After teaching a melody they will focus on the feel, character and ornamentation needed to forge everything into a swinging cocktail. Arrangements will be tailored for the instruments that are present. Besides that you will also learn how to construct grooves with surprising rhythm techniques.

Advance booking is now closed. If you would like to bring an instrument and attend the music workshop then we will try to fit you in as we’ve had some cancellations. Currently we will have some bal tickets on the door but these are first come first served.