Thursday 10 October: Eurosession and Poitou workshop

For our October workshop, Anna Pack will teach dances from the Poitou region of France.  This region has a particular style of bourree, plus popular dances such as the Avant Deux, Maraichine, and Rond d’Argenton.  How much of these we do will depend on who is in the workshop, but we can guarantee the opportunity to try moving your body in unfamiliar ways, give your heart a little workout, and stimulate both your brain cells and your cheek muscles.  Bring shoes with a smooth sole and some good cushioning.  No partners required – we change partners in the workshop.

Image of a circle of dancers photographed from above.
Image by wikipedia user Unuaiga, CC-BY-SA-4.0

* * *  NB. This workshop will also be great preparation for getting the most out of our January bal, for which we have a fab Poitou band booked called “3 Pas D’Ici” – here’s a preview with the fiddler playing and calling at the same time: * * *

For Thursday 10 October, we’ll be upstairs in Shakespeares Pub as usual.
Please contribute £5 to the pot if you can afford to do so.  All welcome. 
Workshop from 8pm, open session for magical tunes and dance requests from 9pm through till 11pm.