Thursday 8 March 2018: Bal Limousine

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8am Workshop: To warm us up and shake the last of the snow from our feet, we bring to you the Bal LImousine, a fine and fun circle+bourree mashup. It’s from the Poitou region of France, and is related to the three-time bourrees of the region, developing nimble footworkcool head, and an energising intent.  The energy is infectious, and celebrations may spontaneously arise!.
See links below for examples of the dance and music:
Workshop with Trio Guerbigny
Dancing in the streets
Sheet music and ABC notation
9am: Open Session:  Bring instruments and dance requests, and settle in with a favourite drink from Shakespeares’ fine bar.  We shall continue with dances peaceful and intimate, or wild and crazy, as the mood takes us.  Come one and all, let’s be merry!
All welcome, donations requested.  Venue: Upstairs room in Shakespeares, Gibraltar St.
See you soon!!    x Eurosesh