Thursday 12 July: Bourrees

Yay it’s really time for Eurosession again!

Postcard depicting of Auvergnat Bourrees
Types d’Auvergne – La Bourrée (carte postale).jpg from Wikipedia

We’ll end the year with the quintessential French dance – the bourrée. These are simple dances of connection and expressionflow and creativity, and they energise the dancefloor.

Most people quickly become familiar with the basic form, so we’ll move quickly on to develop a wider repertoire and play with less familiar styles, formations and variations from different regionsof France.

So this workshop will share ideas about what’s fun and possible when we bend the rules of the basic bourrée, try different possibilities, and see how to tune in to ourselves and to our partners to create that connection.

8pm Bourrée workshop; 9pm usual dance and music session.
Venue: Shakespeares upstairs room.
Payment: Suggested donation £5.

Come one, come all, come play with us…

xx Eurosesh