Thursday 10 May 2018: Breton Circles

Why watch our politicians go round in Brexit circles, when we can dance Breton circles instead?  Get down to Shakespeares in May for some simple and lively traditional dances from just across the channel.

On the menu we have Pach PiRond de Landéda, and Rond de Saint Vincent. These dances develop our skills in looking after each other, give a chance to experience some unusual  coordinated disassociation betwixt arms and legs, and provide an opportunity for a gentle workout, with mild euphoria on the horizon.

The workshop will be from 8pm, followed by our usual open session for Eurofolk offers and requests from 9pm.  Venue: Shakespeare’s upstairs room. All welcome.  Donations of £5 suggested.

PS.  Have you saved the date?: Workshops and bal with the wonderful Naragonia on Sun Sept 16.