Thursday 2 November 2017 Eurosession

Hello you lovely people,

We’re delighted to tell you we’re back at Shakespeare’s pub this month but NOTE THE EARLIER DATE:

Thursday 2nd November from 8.30pm
This is the day before Skint, so why not come along to extend your festival weekend?
No workshop this month, just an all-playing all-dancing open session of marvelousness from 8.30pm. Bring your dancing shoes, your instruments, and a hefty dose of good cheer and chat.
See you there!
Love Eurosesh x

About Eurosession

Sheffield Eurosession is open to all. Anyone who wants to play can lead a tune or join in at their own level and the musicians are always happy to take requests for dances. The session is run by a small group of volunteers. If you’d like to offer help or make suggestions, please do so! Sheffield Eurosessioners are willing explore any kind of dance originating within Europe, without being too fussy about how to define this. Sessions so far have been influenced by Breton, French, Scandinavian, Klezmer, Basque and Bulgarian traditions.

Sessions are normally monthly, starting at 8pm if there’s a themed pre-session workshop, or 8:30pm if not, and the evenings continue to 11pm and beyond.  We also hold extra occasional gigs with bands and teachers from other places. Here are the next few dates coming up:

  • Thurs 2 Nov 2017: Eurosession (Back at Shakespears, but 1st Thurs on the month
  • Thurs 14 Dec 2017: Eurosession

Contact & List

For more information or to be added to our email list, contact sheffield.eurosession at
Our Facebook page also sometimes has more recent updates immediately before events.